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The Campbell

Supporting Community Artists.
Surrounded by Inspiration.

To celebrate the diversity of our city, we are proud of the Toronto-based BIPOC art collection that colour the walls of The Campbell. Residents and guests can enjoy the works that have been carefully selected and displayed throughout our community. 

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Jason Zante

Jason Zante is a Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. He studied at OCAD University and has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. His bold and contrasting illustrations emphasize form, line, and the use of colour relationships as a medium to incite an emotional response with the subjects in focus.

Cobie Cruz

Cobie Cruz was born in Manila, Philippines into a family of artists. Cobie’s paintings are an exploration of composition, colour and texture. The bold and purposeful brush strokes are created by both purpose and spontaneity and reflect his interpretation of the world that surrounds him.

Amy Lai

Amey Lai is a contemporary artist born and raised in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts specializing in design. Her bold paintings command attention through their bright gestural use of colour, texture, and sense of luxuriousness. She continues to refine her unique techniques but focuses on embracing bold colour in all her works.

Diana Rosa

As a visual artist, Diana Rosa takes inspiration from an alternative upbringing where she closely connected with the natural landscape around her. Born and raised in Cuba shaped her perspective on nature and how humans interact with land, animals and each other. She employed a Naïve Folk-Art style to explore questions of identity, love, relationship and environment in our society.

Sylvia Lee

Sylvia Lee is a Toronto-based, interdisciplinary designer who specializes in glass design. With over 20 years of experience, she has contributed her talent and leadership to multiple design studios and global projects. She currently leads Sylvia Lee Design, her own platform producing lighting and installation work.

Komi Olaf

Komi Olaf is a Visual artist and Poet who is best known for his ability to represent the complexities of the world and generation he finds himself within. The principles of improvisation, assemblage and collage are potent sources of creativity and invention for Komi Olaf.